BT747Main.miPHLX260Protocol.text=GPSport 260 (in development) BT747Main.miOpenPisteMapNocontour.text=Open Piste Map (Ski / No contour) OutputSettingsPanel.pnAppSettings.AccessibleContext.accessibleName=AppSettings OutputSettingsPanel.lbFontScale1.AccessibleContext.accessibleName=Proxy enabled: OutputSettingsPanel.lbFontScale1.AccessibleContext.accessibleDescription=Enables the use of the System Proxy which fail on Ubuntu 11.10. OutputSettingsPanel.cbEnableProxy.toolTipText=Enables the use of the system proxy (to access the internet)
- enabling this may fail on Ubuntu 11.10. OutputSettingsPanel.cbEnableProxy.text=Enable proxy EXT_GPS2KML_COMMAND=C_GPS2KML.exe %f C_GPS2KML_Description=To 'C_GPS2KML' tool (installed in path) # BT747base strings: HEADING=HEADING LATITUDE=LATITUDE LONGITUDE=LONGITUDE No\ fix=No fix Phone\ Booth=Phone Booth SpeedStamp=SpeedStamp TIME=TIME TimeStamp=TimeStamp Way\ Point=Way Point Location\ not\ found=Location\ not\ found Problem\ downloading\ AGPS\ data.=AGPS data could not be fetched from the URL.

Check that the URL is correct and can be opened in a browser.

The format of the URL can be
to fetch from a site

It can be
to fetch from a local file.

Too\ many\ errors\ during\ AGPS\ upload=Too many errors found during AGPS upload.

The upload was aborted

It is recommended that you clear the AGPS data and start again.